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Five jolly psychiatrists: The gentleman on the far right is Dr James Strachan, the President of the European Board of Psychiatrists

See Chapters 2, 6,16 and 17 of my Calton Hill novel (please click Literary Home page below) for some fictional and satirical representations and exaggerations of psychiatric malpractice in Scotland, Wisconsin, and presumably elsewhere. My sources of background information include numerous outpatients, former inpatients and psychiatric nurses, CPN's (Community Psychiatrists Nurses), several consultant psychiatrists, and three high-ranking NHS
officials in Waverleygate, all in Mid-Lothian.
Click here for A related message to Bayesians everywhere.
I sometimes give more general support to our (at times institutionally mistreated and victimized) mentally disabled.  Like Stephen Fry,  I for example believe that ‘bipolar disorder’ is a creative talent that should not be suppressed by overdosing on powerful mind drugs.

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Click here for MEDIA REPORTS about harmful psychiatric medications.  This illuminating pdf file was compiled for me by the American journalist Stephen Sacco.

Stephen Sacco


The Signet, The Circle and The Shrinks


by  Thomas Hoskyns Leonard


The writers to the Signet
In their iconic library reside,
Scottish law to uphold
Like all bold men of old.
Their keeper, the Lord of Clashfern,
Our deep respect does earn,
By promoting dedication and education,
With the highest standards of Scottish pride.
Nobody takes him for a ride.

The high and mighty Judge Dicky Cheapdeath,
Allegedly into boys,
Whips, chains, and dubious toys,
While others corrupted our legal system
To hide their own illegal predilections.
To a Chair of Law he did retire
While the quasi-legal Magic Circle and their decrepit politicians were in the mire.
Sorcerers all, did they to their Druids’ rings retreat
Without behaving entirely discreet?
Why did we have to tolerate the nasty deadbeats?
Why didn’t they have to face full heat
While to others false justice they did mete?
They make my flesh want to crawl and creep.

The noble Signet and the ignoble Circle?
Should twain still meet,
Then should all good Scotsmen think,
Lest we end up in the drink.
Meanwhile, the cowardly shrinks in Kafka’s Castle hide
While jagging young men’s bare backsides,
Causing narcoleptic malignancy, physical defects,
And other savage side effects.
Dr. Yes. Yes! Dr. Yes,
What peace does your cruel justice really make?
Why do you the Hippocratic oath forsake?
When will you by the law you so sternly uphold abide?
When will you stop sweeping your critics aside?
If only your murderous intent was half-spent.
I’m only just beginning to give vent!

The Signet, the Circle and the shrinks entwine
To rule the population by right divine.
The Keeper, Judge Cheapdeath and Dr. Yes;
Three pillars subject to duress.
May the Signet save us from the rest,
And may our mothers save us from the other suckers and mother f**kers,
When they next crawl out of their stanks and gutters.

© Thomas Hoskyns Leonard, May 2013
For another relevant poem, please click on THE GEORGE NOBLE STORY.

On 17th June 2013, I sent a copy of this poem to Mr. John Williamson at the Scottish Department of Health, in the hope that he will now do something about Mr. George Farquhar's reported long-term treatment in the Redwood Ward  of the Orchard Clinic in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Morningside.


George Farquhar, Scotland's
Political Prisoner of Conscience


John Williamson, Mental Health
Guru, Scottish Department of Health

18th February 2014: There have now been further developments in the George Farquhar case which
I am, however, unable to report in public.
23rd May 2013:  STOP PRESS!

As of 9.55am, a further key witness is in Gayfield Police Station to spill the beans about Dr. Yes.
11.40 am: The witness says that he spilt the beans on Dr.Yes, and that the kindly woman police officer said that 'I had a bee in my bonnet'.

The witness had offered to name five further mental health patients who think some extremely scary things about Dr. Yes. However, the 'feds' declined to take details about these witnesses.


28th May 2013:  This afternoon the Leonard and Crolla families hosted a very successful reception and free buffet in Vittoria on the Walk for people with mental health issues, on behalf of the Edinburgh Equality Collective Action Forum. It gave James Carter and I the opportunity to talk to even more people about their life stories.

Thomas, Tom, James and Tony


Dr. Donny Lyons, Chief Executive
Scottish Mental Health Commission



Sir Harry Burns


Attention: Sir Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government

With all of the diverse information currently available to me, I would be able to statistically validate the following quite startling conclusions, albeit from a subjective applied perspective:

Vast swathes of our population, of all age groups and backgrounds, are being inhumanely controlled and turned into sheep (or violent criminals and murderers) by psychiatric medications with potentially devastating and life-threatening physical and psychological side effects, frequently without scientifically valid diagnosis, and those who protest too much about their physical symptoms even risk being effectively murdered, either in the short-term or long-term, e.g. by further medication. This is comparable to Nazi Germany and the previous regimes in Germany where such treatments originated.
About a fifth of some populations may well be suffering from this type of maltreatment, including many of our ADHD children, many innocuous law-abiding citizens, and many of the elderly. Our Establishment, together with its toadies and some funding-reliant health care charities, is highly cynical and manipulative in the way that it diverts and sabotages criticism. This is possibly the most appallingly serious social issue of the modern era.
The Eleventh of November 2013:  Today I remember our fallen war dead, including my young relative Bert Howard who perished courageously during the first World War, and my Uncle Ernest Leonard who was injured in the trenches at Passchandaele, and died of his war wounds in Toronto many years later. I also remember my father Captain Cecil Leonard, my grandfather Emmanuel Leonard, and my Uncle Jim Leonard, who fought with distinction in the British Eighth Army and American Fifth, the Royal Navy at Jutland, and in the RAF over Germany and at D-Day.

I last night received the following e-mail, from Mr. Hunter Watson, a retired maths teacher and much-respected human rights campaigner who lives in Aberdeen:
"I have attached the letter which I will send to the Public Petitions Committee if you have no objection. (Click Here to read it)
It would, in my opinion, be worthwhile pressing for the three of us to be permitted to make a presentation to the Cross Party Group on Mental Health and also to a conference on mental health matters if the Scottish Human Rights Commission can be persuaded to convene one. Obviously it would also be desirable if the three of us could give evidence to the Health Committee once it begins to consider the Mental Health Bill. Please let me know what you think.

Best wishes, Hunter"

CLICK HERE for Petition Committee's website


The human rights campaigner Hunter Watson,
pictured with his mother Helen Watson




By Thomas Hoskyns Leonard


We, God’s honest ones, hold the moral high ground,
While millions suffer and die in the world around,
Some kowtow, others offend,
We, by our integrity, will the world defend.
Let them come to us, not us beg to them,
As the bureaucrats, shrinks, and procrastinators spew their flem.
All good Scots will eventually see what’s what.

And the bad ones? Stew them in the pot.

©   Thomas Hoskyns Leonard, 7th December 2013



27th November 2013


While I retired some time ago from the Chair of Statistics at the University of Edinburgh, I am still an active fellow of two international statistical societies. According to the information I have collated on my website, I conclude, based on my expertise as a Bayesian statistician, that several hundred thousand Scots are suffering from the potential debilitating side effects of their psychiatric medications, and that there is very little that the psychiatric profession, the NHS, Police Scotland, the Scottish Department of Health, or our esteemed legal profession want to do about it.

      I refer to the institutional abuse and degrading treatment of at least half a million Scots, including the children with ADHD who are turned into violent  offenders by their ritalin, people with uni-polar depression who are made psychotic by their Seroxat, people who’re suffering from psychoses whose health is almost invariably damaged by their atypical anti-psychotic medications, non-violent young men who’re paralysed and put on crutches while being jagged with depixol, schizophrenics who experience all sorts of horrifying reactions, including sun scorched skin, to their Largactil, similarly innocuous and non-violent people suffering from bipolar disorder who’re koshed with our modern thalidomide, namely the much-vaunted Epilim Chrono (which also causes epileptic women to give birth to children who grow up with horrifying defects), totally sane autistic people who’re violently jagged in their bare bottoms with atypical anti-psychotics, and elderly people with dementia, in our nursing homes who’re turned over and acuphased with clopixol, or drip fed with some anti-psychotic medication for the convenience of staff even though it his known that these drugs are likely to cause many people to die early or suffer from a stroke, as I suspect that my dear, demented but totally sane, father, who was commissioned on the field at the Battle of Tunis, and fought on the Anzio beachhead and at the Rhine crossing, did in 2001.

       About 75% of elderly people in Scottish nursing homes are treated with some psycho-active medication including 33% on anti-psychotics.

       According to data provided by the Farr Institute, about 2500 people committed suicide in Scotland between 1981 and 2010 after previously attending a mental care hospital.

       Virtually every clinically prescribed, non-herbal psychiatric medication causes damaging side effects, whatever the mental disorder, and most patients will experience some sort of severe side effect in the medium to long term.

        According to the much-respected CATIE study, which was reported by Lieberman et al in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2005, 82% of schizophrenic patients receiving quetiapine experience intolerable side effects during the first fifteen months of treatment, and the corresponding percentages for olanzapine, perphrenazine, risperidone, and ziprasidone are 64%, 75%, 74%, and 79%.

       According to Dr. Stephen Pavis of the Farr Institute, no population statistics have ever been collated in Scotland regarded the incidence of physical side effects of psychiatric medications. Consequently most previous statistical predictions and qualitative projections by our Department of Health and NHS regarding Scottish mental health and well-being have been statistically spurious and quite misleading. I have also discussed these and related issues with Roger Halliday, the Chief Statistician for Scotland, and with Sir Andrew Dilnot, the Chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, who would be able to advise you further.

       One of the worst effects of psychiatric medications is slow and tortuous physical and mind death from the frequently misdiagnosed neuroleptic malignant syndrome. I avoided this terrifying fate, and I was indeed one of the lucky ones. After being put into a biochemical straightjacket and later left comatose for several months, I fully recovered my cognition in October 2011, when I refused to keep taking my Epilim. I am now just left with my diabetes, wobbly legs, and a dog-bite-like scar on my wrist which was caused by two surgeries for skin cancer. My consultant psychiatrist lied and threatened me when he coerced me into first taking Epilim in 2001.

        I raised many of these issues in my letter of 19th November 2013 to Her Majesty the Queen, and the attachments to this letter. I also advised her that I had recently raised these issues while addressing a meeting of Accountability Scotland in the Scottish Parliament building, a meeting (organized by the UK Statistics Authority) at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and a meeting of the Edinburgh Section of the Royal Statistical Society

       Her Majesty responded most graciously to my letter. She took careful note of my comments, and instructed that my letter should be sent to the Secretary of State for Scotland, so that he may consider the points I raised with her.

       I respectively call upon the Scottish Parliament, and all good Scots, to do everything it can to protect us from all these evil menaces, in particular by accepting Hunter Watson’s well-worded petition, and by ensuring that health administrators and medical practitioners in this area who are involved in harming or abusing their patients are prosecuted according to the full force of the law.

     The whole of Scotland has recently grieved for the victims of the helicopter crash in Glasgow, and shown them considerable respect. I hope that we can show similar grief, humanity and respect to the children with ADHD, the people with mental health issues, the autistic people, and the elderly people with dementia who have been the victims of the physical side effects of psychiatric medications.


Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because thou, my good Lord, are here to comfort us.

On 3rd December 2013 this submission was accepted by the Public Petitions Committee (Assistant Clerk Andrew Howlett) to be published online and to be circulated to their meeting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday 10th December at the Scottish Parliament when they will be hearing Hunter Watson's verbal presentation regarding his petition to change the sectioning laws. Fiona Sinclair of Autism Rights will also be presenting supporting evidence. Good luck, Hunter! 

The Right Hon. Michael Moore MP


The Right Hon. Alistair Carmichael MP
Incoming Secretary of State, Scotland

21st November 2013:  A Letter from Buckingham Place

Dear Dr. Leonard,

     The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter of 19th November from which Her Majesty has taken careful note of your comments regarding the terms of the 2014 Mental Health Care Act.

     I should tell you, however, that this is not a matter on which the Queen would personally intervene. Nevertheless, as a constitutional Sovereign, Her Majesty acts on the advice of her Ministers and I have, therefore, been instructed to send a copy of your letter to the Right Honourable Michael Moore MP, the Secretary of State for Scotland, so that he may know of your approach to The Queen on this matter and may consider the points you raise.
     Her Majesty was touched by your recollection of her Coronation Day many years ago and I am to say that it was thoughtful of you to write as you did.

                            Yours sincerely,
                                     Mrs. Sonia Bonici

                                Senior Correspondence Officer
10th February 2013: 

    Further to my comments in PE1494A, I very much agree with Hunter Watson that the evidence so admirably collected by the Petitions Committee suggests, with scant purposeful or adequate response, that consultant psychiatrists in Scotland behave irresponsibly towards their patients. This is in respect to both inept diagnoses (e.g. they frequently ignore symptoms which indicate that the disorder may be totally physical, or stress-related, or simply resulting from a real-life crisis) and harsh modes of treatment e.g. E.C.T. and strong psychiatric medications with all-too-frequent debilitating side effects. Up to a million Scots may well be suffering from these treatments. The psychiatrists’ activities therefore need to be seriously curtailed from outside the medical profession.

    Quite surprisingly, yoga is thought by many to be a better treatment for bipolar disorder, when compared with Epilim Chrono (the ‘thalidomide of the future’) and other purportedly mood destabilising medications. Other valid holistic treatments include psychodynamic therapy, exercise and support programs, occupational therapy, and some herbal or milder medications.

    Emergency action by the Scottish Government is needed to fund more frequent efficient treatment by harmless cognitive therapies, together much more scientific research into the development and improvement of holistic therapies. While such funding is currently woefully lacking, it would make excellent financial sense in relation to the immense amount of NHS funding and resources which are currently needlessly wasted while treating the physical side effects of psychiatric medications.

    Unfortunately, researchers in psychiatry seem to have other ideas for the future, The profession is seeking solutions in the areas of genetics and neurosciences, and has more harmful treatments, including brain surgery, genetic engineering, and even more severe medications in mind. This raises a spectre where vast swathes of our population will be living a ‘Dr.Who’ type existence, and existing like ‘Borg’ or other medical freaks in a parallel Universe.

    As an active and still publishing Bayesian statistician, with an interest in a range of application areas, I am well aware of the misleading subjectivity inherent in the subject areas of genetics, Genomics, and neurosciences, much of which is based upon scientifically false assumption. I envision a future where patients are diagnosed on a quasi-scientific whim as possessing some ‘psychiatric disorder’ and then treated entirely inappropriately and made to suffer.

    My colleague, the noted human rights campaigner Chrys Muirhead, has kindly sent me the quote

There will be justice - when those who are not injured are as outraged as those who are  (Thucylides)

    This quote is particularly apt when treatment by ECT is under consideration. While the cognitive defects of ECT were not properly investigated by any retrospective study before 2007, it is now becoming increasingly well known (though sometimes ineptly challenged by the psychiatrists and health administrators) that ECT routinely causes substantial cognitive defects, and indeed routinely destroys a significant proportions of the patients’ brain cells.

    Moreover, many patients are effectively tortured during the administration of ECT. While short term benefits are frequently claimed (I believe in quite outrageous fashion), I would like to suggest that this is because patients are frequently turned into ‘sheep’ or ‘vegetables’ by the ECT, and therefore genuinely imagine that they have been well-treated.

7th May 2014:  A Letter from the Trustees of EECAF to the Royal Colleges and Societies

From the desk of Thomas Hoskyns Leonard, Writer, Poet and Mathematical Statistician

   4/3 Hopetoun Crescent, Edinburgh, EH7 4AY. E-mail: leonardthomas70@googlemail.com

                                  Website: www.thomashoskynsleonard.co.uk

     Author of ‘A Personal History of Bayesian Statistics’ (Wiley, Jan 2014, Statslife, April 2014, honoured by Statistics Views, April 2014)



                      (Edinburgh Equality Collective Advocacy Forum, website www.eecaf.org)

TO Dr. John Gillies, Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners, Scotland

      Prof. Derek Bell, President, Royal College of Physicians, Scotland

      Sir John Arbuthnot, President, Royal Society of Edinburgh

      Dr. John Pullinger, President, Royal Statistical Society

      Dr. Alistair Cook, Chair, Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland.                                                                


Dear Dr. Gillies, Professor Bell, Sir John Arbuthnot, Dr. Pullinger and Dr. Cook,

     Several hundred thousand or more Scots, including children with ADHD, autistic people, innocuous mental health inpatients and outpatients, and our elderly demented are suffering from the devastating, life threatening, physical side effects of psychiatric medications, or from the brain damage and cognitive defects which are routinely caused by ECT. Immediate, emergency, action is called for to replace these barbaric, inept, and largely ineffective treatments by holistic treatments such as psychodynamic therapy, occupational therapy, yoga (remarkably effective for bipolar patients), diet and exercise programs, comforting environments, and stress and crisis management. Such action could be taken at either an institutional or a grass roots level.

     During the last two years, we have collated an immense amount of anecdotal and statistical evidence to this effect on our websites, and we have reported our findings to the Scottish Parliament in the letters PE 1494/A and PE 1494/S attached to W. Hunter Watson’s recent landmark petition on related human rights issues, and to the Scottish Government in the potentially incisive document MHB 108 regarding the possible terms of the 2014 Mental Health Care Act. (please google PE 1494/A, PE 1494/S, and MHB 108)  We are, moreover, in contact with members of the recently created Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry, which was recently launched in the UK Parliament by Joanna Moncrieff and David Healy, and with international experts around the world via Psychiatric Rights Scotland on Facebook which is convened by one of our members.

     These issues are of particular concern to general practitioners who find it necessary to violate the Hippocratic Oath when issuing prescriptions which comply with the whims and demands of the clinical psychiatrists. They are also of great concern to other physicians, who are forced, in a highly non-cost effective manner, to use a large portion of their valuable resources to treat the wide ranging and at times quite horrifying physical side effects of psychiatric medications.

     According to some experts, screening for medical conditions which appear to be psychiatric in nature should be standard practice (for example, the symptoms of schizophrenia can be associated with a variety of physical conditions including calcification of the  pineal gland and disfunctionality of various organs. Also the mood states associated with bipolar disorder can be associated with acute sleep apnoea or disfunctionality of the sexual system). However, this code is seldom adhered to in Scotland. Also quite disconcertingly, Dr. Stephen Pavey of the Farr Institute has advised us that no data relating to the physical side effects of psychiatric medications have ever been collated for official purposes in Scotland.

     We would therefore like, on behalf of EECAF and the long-suffering people in Scotland with mental health issues, to request a dialogue, specifically with the Royal Colleges of General Practitioners and Physicians on these matters. We would, for example, be glad to talk or make presentations to your memberships or to some special committee on these issues. While various approaches have been made to the Royal College of Psychiatrists by members of Psychiatric Rights Scotland, these supposedly experienced health care professionals seem to be keeping their heads firmly in the sand while fighting tooth and nail to maintain the status quo, doubtlessly under the influence of the ruthless international drug conglomerates who even seek to censor, distort and selectively finance our academic research.

     For example, an Irish GP, who is practising in Edinburgh while retraining to become a surgeon, recently advised one of us to the effect that ‘if the drug companies don’t like your research results then they tell you to change them’. When asked his opinion about our psychiatric malpractice campaign, the GP replied ‘we think how we’re told to think, not how we’d like to think.’ An Edinburgh locum GP has advised us to the effect that GPs ‘dish out strong and potentially harmful anti-depressants like Seroxat on a routine basis simply to keep life simple.’

     Following a recent conversation in Old St. Paul’s Church with His Grace, Bishop Richard Holloway F.R.S.E, we understand that the Royal Society of Edinburgh regard it as their mission to maintain the notion of scientific integrity in Scotland. We would therefore like to invite, and indeed beg, the Royal Society of Edinburgh to host a public debate, which we would try to sponsor from our private funds, on these issues, maybe in co-operation with the Royal Statistical Society.

     Thank you all for kindly considering these pressing issues. Any advice you could give us which might benefit our ongoing public health campaign would be gratefully appreciated.

     We will be circulating copies of this letter to several fellows of the Royal Society of London and presidents of international societies, in the hope that they will consider taking up these issues more globally. About 20% of a good many of our populations are seriously affected by these psychiatric mistreatments, which better belong to a quasi-Nazi society,

     When they jag a patient’s posterior, he can, statistically speaking, expect torture and suffering, or a malignant death. If he’s unlucky, his condition will be neuroleptic, in which case his body may well become as disjointed as his mind, and the consultants may misdiagnose his neuroleptic malignant syndrome as part of his purported mental disorder as he lingers towards a lonely, untreated, abhorrent death. Our elderly demented are still being turned over and acuphased with clopixol in both private and NHS nursing homes, and others are given psychiatric medications in their food.

     We gratefully acknowledge the help and approval of the noted public health campaigners Hunter Watson, Christine McVicar and Dr. Kenneth Wilson during our preparation of this letter.

                                      Yours sincerely,

                                                  Dr. Thomas Hoskyns Leonard,

         Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and the International Society for Bayesian Analysis, Trustee of EECAF


                                                 James L.S. Carter,

        Scottish poet, and chairperson and trustee of EECAF

Copies to:   Bishop Richard Holloway F.R.S.E., W. Hunter Watson, Carol Sibbald (Mental Health and Protection of Rights Division, Scottish Government), Fiona Sinclair (Autism Rights), Rab Wilson (Scottish poet and public health campaigner), Professor David Spiegelhalter F.R.S.(Professor of Risk Assessment, University of Cambridge), Professor Sheila Bird O.B.E., F.R.S.E. (MRC Biostatistics Research Unit, University of Cambridge). Dr. Ron Smith (Chair, Edinburgh Section of Royal Statistical Society), Alison McInness MSP, Dr. Joanna Moncrieff (UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences)


Please click on EECAF UN SUBMISSION for our submission to the United Nations of August 2014. During September 2014, a similar document was submitted to the Health and Safety Committee of the Scottish Parliament. They are still deliberating the terms of the 2014 Mental Health Act. Our Scottish campaign is still very much alive, despite earlier problems with a remarkably shambolic Petitions Committee who may well have been influenced by 'ripples from above' and 'Pharma moles'. Our treatment by the Scottish Government working party, a high ranking civil servant, and the initially friendly wheeler dealing SNP MSP Chic Brodie was also highly political. See the Psychiatric Rights Scotland Facebook page (organised by EECAF member Dr. Kenneth Wilson) for much more information and ongoing discussion.

Chic Brodie MSP. He was shot while still a Liberal Democrat.

  © Thomas Hoskyns Leonard, 2012 - 2014