Wherefor Dennis?


by  Thomas Hoskyns Leonard


Husband of sweet Joan,

Father of dynasties,

Pioneer at Cambridge

Of theory of queues;

Defender of the Savageous Bayesian faith

Creator of De Finetti’s everlasting fame,

Creator of Lindley’s enigmatic paradox,

Grand Inquisitor of Fisher’s Fiducial Inference,

His Bayes-Stein estimator reigns supreme

Scourge of iconic Florence

When he to the Chair at UCL majestically rose,

Then scourge of neurotic me.

Oh happy, happy, we gay people should be.

My grand educator,

Leaving my family destitute and forlorn.

Wherefor Dennis, oh noble Charon,

When he the Ferryman his penny pays,

And wherefor me?

In Memoriam, Dennis V. Lindley (1923-2013)
© Thomas Hoskyns Leonard, December 2013


  © Thomas Hoskyns Leonard, 2013