Correspondence about Psychiatric Medication, and Related Developments
September 2014

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Please click on EECAF UN SUBMISSION for our submission to the United Nations of August 2014. During September 2014, a similar document was submitted to the Health and Safety Committee of the Scottish Parliament. They are still deliberating the terms of the 2014 Mental Health Act. Our Scottish campaign is still very much alive, despite earlier problems with a remarkably shambolic Petitions Committee who may well have been influenced by 'ripples from above' and 'Pharma moles'. Our treatment by the Scottish Government working party, a high ranking civil servant, and the initially friendly wheeler dealing SNP MSP Chic Brodie was also highly political. See the Psychiatric Rights Scotland Facebook page (organised by EECAF member Dr. Kenneth Wilson) for much more information and ongoing discussion.

Chic Brodie MSP. He was shot while still a Liberal Democrat.

  Thomas Hoskyns Leonard, 2012 - 2014