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GAY EUCLID EDINBURGH is an informal group of non-judgemental, liberally-minded people in Edinburgh, Scotland, including a straight student, who are supportive of our transgender and our actively gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities, and the traditional family structure. Our logo is intended to represent the way gay society is imbedded in our traditional family structure. In this article, we express a series of opinions with which you may or not agree. They will hopefully be of some assistance while you are discussing them with your friends, and working out your own opinions for yourself.

The authors would like to thank the Scottish Poet Scott Forster for his helpful comments (during February 2014).We have amended sections 4 and 11 in response to his comments. Note that people of bisexual orientation include many actively gay and actively straight people who are not actively bisexual.



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Acknowledgements: The authors would like to thank the LGBT communities of Edinburgh, Scotland and Madison, Wisconsin,
two NHS Lothian community nurses, several Scottish clergy, and Alan for providing invaluable anecdotal information.


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